Filtering a list of usernames based on OU or Container

Recently I was given a list of usernames and asked to find all the user who were in a specific OU in Active Directory.  This sounds complicated but is actually quite easy to do with powershell in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: I created a txt file with the list of usernames called userList.txt

Step 2: I then created a simple powershell script to read in username and return the users DN

Step 3: If the users DN contained the OU I was looking for I appended that users info to a new file called matchedUsers.txt

$userList = Get-Content "c:\fileLocation\userList.txt" #open the file and read the data in an array
write-host $userList.count total lines read from file #output total lines read
foreach ($user in $userList)#do this for each user read from file
$userDN = dsquery user -samID $user #does a dsquery using the read in samID and returns the userDN

if ($userDN.Contains("Name_Of_OU_or_Container")) #if the userDN contains the target OU or container
$lineOutToFile = $user + " " + $userDN #concatenate the user name and userDN
$lineOutToFile | Out-File "c:\fileLocation\matchedUsers.txt" -append #output the user+userDN to file

The result is you get a file output with all username and userDNs that are located in the container or OU you wanted to search for.

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